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5 Tips For Android App Developers (chapter 7)

 Welcome to the seventh payment of our Android application development strategies series!?To follow along with our daily secrets, check you out on? Facebook ,? Google+ , and? Twitter !?Tip #31: Familiarize yourself with SQL.?The Android OS uses SQLite (as do other mobile OS), so knowing the fundamentals SQL can aid we develop stable, good-quality apps.Tip #32: Test a code frequently!?Testing effectively may assist catch bugs early, saving you headaches at the finish of the manufacturing cycle?

How To Train Mobile Development Growth?

Tip #33: Better customer support causes better app reviews.?Be sure to set up a channel where your consumers will contact you with support/technical issues.?Tip #34: Avoid using bitmap images?Unless you are creating app icon, XML Drawables will provide we a cleaner and sharper image.?Tip #35: If you are generating an app for a organization, it should not simply be a duplicate of the mobile website.?The application ought to be simpler in design plus easier for the consumer to interact with, like the picture below from the app for the American insurance provider State Farm.Stay tuned for Chapter 8!?
Source Link: http://blog.startapp.com/5-tips-android-app-developers-chapter-7/

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