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The Evolution of 'The New York Times' Homepage in 1 GIF

The up for you to date model involving NYTimes.com, the particular paper promises, is "sleeker," "faster," "more intuitive," as well as "enhanced" compared to its forebears. "We've streamlined our article pages," your paper explains, "and developed an even more responsive interface using quicker load times."

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Another factor that's been streamlined? the site's homepage.

This article originally printed in the Atlantichere

Image: iStockphoto, wallyg

The Evolution associated with 'The new York Times' Homepage inside 1 GIF
Hat suggestion Chris Heller
Today, The brand New York times launched any preview of the redesign involving its website. Below, you'll end up being in any position to observe that evolution in action " via a GIF featuring screen-captures of homepages dating from your page's starting (the 2001 launch associated with NYTimes.com) to end up being able to its current moment inside 2014.

. the door towards the country's paper associated with record may be remodeled, having a new emphasis upon interstitial areas as well as sleek blacks and whites

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