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Starting Crashlytics For Android Studio

Crashlytics for Android Studio   We?re extremely thrilled to announce the launch of Crashlytics for Android Facility!At Crashlytics, we're enthusiastic about building tools that designers love. When Android Studio was first introduced at Google I/O in 2013, it instantly caught our attention. You may also state that Android Studio is the Android -centric development environment, the next big issue, ?the new black?! Well enough nonsense, let?s get to the great stuff!Everything You'll Need ? Anything You LoveOur existing plug-ins for Eclipse and IntelliJ provide smooth integration with Crashlytics for real time situation browsing, putting our SDK to new applications, and more. For Android Facility, not # simply do we supply exactly the same powerful functions, but in addition offer local support for Gradle-based generates. It is everything you love about Crashlytics for Android, now incorporated easily into your Android Facility workflow!Don?t take our word for it:?Crashlytics allows us to function better to fix and multiply these scenarios. With your recent migration over to Android Business, it includes amazing diagnostics for this kind of light library. The plugin operates seamlessly with Gradle and assembling your project might be setup within a few minutes.?

It's All You Love About Crashlytics For Android, Today Incorporated Seamlessly Into Your Android Facility Workflow!

JAMES INGHAM, SIMPLYTRAK ?The Android Business Crashlytics Startup is simply as easy (and shiny) because the Xcode equivalent. Click the button on the toolbar, follow the super-simple instructions, attack build, on your account and the plugin can set anything up for you personally. It practically makes you want your app to accident, just so you could attempt it allout!?BENJAMIN CLAYTON, CALVIUM ?Crashlytics for Android Business has helped us develop, test and launch our new app IT Administrator Android app in record time. Since it?s impossible for any programmer to try their app on every Android device, Crashylitics afforded us the assurance to release on Android understanding that we could find the cause of and fix accidents quickly.?PAUL DUMAIS, BETTER-APPSWhether you?re a new comer to Crashlytics for Android or migrating from the different IDE, you?ll find that our Android Facility plugin has-been constructed to offer the most effective Crashlytics knowledge, without ever being forced to keep Android Facility!Here are a few features:Robust Gradle Support ? Exceptional to Crashlytics for Android StudioManaging advanced app develops with IntelliJ and Eclipse might be tricky because of the opaque Android contractors. Assigning to Ant or Maven solves some issues but causes you to lose limited integration with your IDE. Android Facility sorted this problem by natively assigning build robot to Gradle, delivering consistency and promoting an extensive number of build options with no large amount of overhead.We?ve recognized Gradle for command-line forms since we introduced Crashlytics for Android. As Gradle?s Android plugin has matured, we are quite proud and excited to give this service into our Android Studio plugin!Fully Computerized DeobfuscationProGuard can be an amazing instrument, but we all know that monitoring your mappings records and personally retracing your stack records can be a tedious pain in the you-know-what. We?ve added our amazing zero-move, totally automated ProGuard deobfuscation to Android Business. This saves you precious time to grab a Red Bull, search Hacker Media, or you realize, correct these bugs!Beauty and EleganceLet?s experience it: creator tools aren?t known for seeking very. It doesn?t need to be in this manner! Everyday, you are spending so much time to please your consumers with wonderful, revolutionary app experiences. We consider you deserve the exact same, so we got this possibility to review the shared interface of most of our plug-ins for Android Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ. We developed a far more powerful, reactive, and pleasurable flow for all developers, irrespective of your IDE of choice.We are really excited to obtain Crashlytics for Android Business into the hands of developers around the world. Since May this season, tens and thousands of companies have now been applying our Android SDK inside their apps. Our clients include:We?re pleased with the various tools we offer to help with making your Android advancement much more potent. We?re thrilled to hear everything you think of Crashlytics for Android Business. Sign up for Crashlytics and mail us your feedback, we?re usually hearing!Already have a merchant account? Obtain the plugin below. 
Resource: http://www.crashlytics.com/blog/introducing-crashlytics-for-android-studio/

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